Eric Cantor Finally Finds Someone Who Threatened Him: A Mentally Ill Person On YouTube Who Claims To Be God


Hooray forHistory's Greatest Victim, Eric Cantor! Finally, after police immediately dismissed his bullshit claim that somebody shot up his office (a stray bullet fired at the sky had landed outside his ghetto office in Richmond), authorities have found an actual insane person on YouTube who threatened poor little Eric on YouTube! The same deranged man-child posted another "2,000 videos in which he made threats," but only the one about Eric Cantor should be taken seriously, because hey, Eric Cantor!

TPM reports on prolific YouTube video-poster and area nut Norman Leboon:

Videos tagged with his name involved everything from the stock market collapse to the kids' movie Babe, and he seemed to have talked about politics and world leaders including President Obama. He also says in another video where he talks about child molestation, "Leaders you will perish" and "I control your jets your missiles, I control everything."

Why does Eric Cantor hate God?

Anyway, nice digging, Eric! Hope you paid your staffers overtime for combing fucking YouTube all weekend looking for a retarded person who mentioned your name. [Talking Points Memo]


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