Eric Cantor Tours Quake Damage, Promises Gov't Has No Money to Help


Major mental acid bath Eric Cantor is known these days for two things: one) as an incompetent whiner who was removed from any leadership responsibility in the debt ceiling negotiations after he threw a childish fit and tried to derail the deal, and two) as the guy who said to Missouri after it was butt-hammered with a slew of terrible storms that he couldn't allow any federal disaster relief until the government would agree to cut money from programs Eric Cantor doesn't like to offset the relief funding. NOW, EVERYBODY GUESS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: there was recently a freak earthquake that originated in Eric Cantor's home district. What was Eric Cantor's message of hope for his constituents? 

Cantor was busy humping Glenn Beck's leg in Israel when the earthquake happened, but Cantor cut short his trip to fly all the way home and tell his constituents he won't help them unless the government can agree to make cuts to help offset any disaster relief funds. As we mentioned before, Cantor was also the guy threatening to kill the debt deal by refusing to agree to any significant cuts. Sort of neat how that works, isn't it?

From Roll Call:

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said Wednesday that he intends to look for offsets if federal aid is needed to help areas of his Virginia district that were damaged in an earthquake Tuesday.

“There is an appropriate federal role in incidents like this,” the Republican said after touring the damage in his district. “Obviously, the problem is that people in Virginia don’t have earthquake insurance.”

The next step will be for Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) to decide whether to make an appeal for federal aid, Cantor said. The House Majority Leader would support such an effort but would look to offset the cost elsewhere in the federal budget.

“All of us know that the federal government is busy spending money it doesn’t have,” Cantor said in Culpeper, where the quake damaged some buildings along a busy shopping thoroughfare.

This guy is walking rat testicles attached to a nasal voice box. [Roll Call]


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