Welcome to Hurricane Irene's "Rapture Part 2!" Haha, does anyone ever get the feeling that the news media is praying for the apocalyptic demise of America's populous cities harder than Pat Buchanan? Weread the news this morning (especially this one, with a message of doom from space) and concluded that we are all going to die this weekend. Nice (?) knowing everybody? Make your preparations! Vacationer-in-chief Barack Obama looked up from his golf game long enough to declare North Carolina a federal disaster area, governors up and down the coasts are also declaring states of emergency, and the mayor of D.C. is handing out, uh, a few sandbags if anyone wants one. Eric Cantor, fresh off his endearing statement that Virginia earthquake damage sufferers can lick his saggy nuts, will make his preparations by saving everyone a few minutes of their last few hours on Earth and tell them right now he won't support hurricane relief without MOAR BUDGET CUTZ. He's consistent!


Looks like House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) will extend his requirement that federal disaster relief be paid for by cutting spending elsewhere in the budget to Hurricane Irene.

"We aren't going to speculate on damage before it happens, period," his spokesperson Laena Fallon emails. "But, as you know, Eric has consistently said that additional funds for federal disaster relief ought to be offset with spending cuts."

This isn't just to lay a honeytrap for Cantor. Human toll aside, hurricane damage can be veryexpensive, and if against all hope Irene hits hard, this sort of parameter could put a severe dent in federal programs that are already stretched quite thin.

It's cool. Jesus has been waiting to start over with the East Coast for a while now, anyway. [TPMDC]


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