Eric Cantor: Yeah, We've Got Some Anti-Semites In the House GOP


How's jolly warrior Eric Cantor going to bat for his House GOP colleagues today? Oh, just by acknowledging that there's an anti-Semitism problem among House GOP members. Hmm. Perhaps there have been moments of discomfort for our beloved Majority Leader, the only Jewish Republican in the House?

The clip is really quite hilarious, especially at the end, after MIKE ALLEN of POLITICO/BANK OF AMERICA uncharacteristically asks a couple of follow-ups:

Calling it the “darker side,” Cantor responded to Politico’s Mike Allen’s question of whether there is anti-semitism in Congress by trying to avoid commenting. But eventually he let up: “I think that all of us know that in this country, we’ve not always gotten it right in terms of racial matters, religious matters, whatever. We continue to strive to provide equal treatment to everybody.”

“We’re talking about the House Republican Caucus, not America,” Allen pushed.

Cantor then sat in silence, grimmacing for several seconds before Allen changed the topic.

He does actually sit in silence, instead of saying, "No, everyone in my caucus is wonderful and tolerant." He must have such great stories; where's the memoir? Eric Cantor: My Life Being Surrounded By Insanely Offensive People All The Time, or whatever the corporates name it.

[Think Progress via Political Wire]


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