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Because of this video of these two guys standing in their silly Halloween costumes in 2008 outside a polling station, they were prosecuted for voter intimidation. BLACK PANTHERS! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN. Yet now that black man Eric Holder (who is A BLACK MAN) is Attorney General, black people can get away with such things, as these men have now, as they are no longer being prosecuted. This has riled up conservatives for being an example of "reverse racism." This is what happens when you let BLACK PEOPLE run our judiciary system. They give preferential treatment to silly black men in anachronistic costumes, when they should be doing their jobs, which is putting any and all black men behind bars.

The Washington Examiner lets us in on the dealio, yo-yo yo:

The evidence at hand in Philadelphia includes video of two thuggish African-American men dressed in military fatigues.

We'll stop you there, Washington Examiner, as that seems like a very, very inoffensive sentence.

Now a prosecutor named J. Christian Adams has resigned over this, calling it "the clearest case of voter intimidation that I've seen since I've been practicing law." J. Christian Adams is not a very WASPy name, so you can tell he has a lot of street cred when he is saying this. And as you assume correctly, people in America are constantly using their spare time to intimidate voters, so J. Christian Adams has seen many, many cases of voter intimidation in his career.

It is very difficult to look at this video, however, and think that these "Black Panthers" are intimidating. People just seem to be confused as to why this guy is saying crazy stuff and wearing this weird uniform get-up. But if you are a conservative blogger, every single person in this video is absolutely menacing (black), so you would be intimidated and not vote if you saw one near your polling place. Thankfully, though, they don't have black people where conservative bloggers live. [Washington Examiner]


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