Did you all see what Tyrant Nancy Pelosi The Terrible said? Did you see it?????

Here is Tyrant Nancy Pelosi The Terrible, saying the thing she said:

Is everybody out there OK, or are you all dead because Tyrant Nancy Pelosi The Terrible said that thing?

In case you are unable to see tweets for some reason, Pelosi talked about how when the Democrats take power, they will do all the oversight that hasn't been done during the first two years of the most criminal presidential administration in American history. She also alluded to the fact that having subpoena power can be a bargaining chip at times. Perhaps if Dems decide it would serve the greater good better to make a deal to chill out a little bit on this investigation or that one -- there are going to be so many! -- they might say "OK if the president will sign a bill that says the president will stop eating babies with his mouth, maybe we won't do this subpoena right now." (We guess, and we are just spitballing here. We don't even know if the president of the United States has started eating live babies yet.)

As you can see above, Ronna "I murdered my own last name because Donald Trump told me to" McDaniel thinks Pelosi's statement proves that there's no "there" there on the countless crimes that fly out of the Trump administration each and every day. Perhaps Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel has never heard of how politics works. It's also possible she's more full of shit than a North Carolina shit lagoon that's full of literal hog shit.

Eric Trump, constitutional law expert who knows things about stuff, is also very worried by the precedent this would set:

That's right! This is THIRD WORLD COUNTRY stuff! And Eric Trump knows about Third World countries, because his loser family business only operates in those, because they're not good enough to run with the big boys in the developed world.

We could make a list of all the ways the Trump administration has conducted itself like a banana republic, if we felt like it. (We don't.) Hell, the way Eric Trump's dad has wielded the power of his massive forest of ingrown pubes to attack the Justice Department on a daily basis, in order to obstruct justice in investigations into his own collusion with a foreign enemy power to steal the election -- that alone is a good enough example of why Eric Trump should shut his fucking thin lips and try to lie low until the feds come a-callin'.

We could also make a list of all the Republicans who threatened to impeach Hillary Clinton before she was even elected, because of "emails" and "Benghazi." And we could also make a list of all the presidents who are out there EVERY DAY promising to lock up Hillary Clinton, and Dianne Feinstein, and basically every "her" in the country right now. (It is a list of presidents named Donald Trump.)

But we are not going to make those lists because the midterms are 14 days away and we just got off a plane and we all have a lot of work to do to make Eric Trump's nightmares come true in the coming days, so we are just going to close this post by saying HAW HAW FUCKIN' IDIOT, BETTER BE READY TO VISIT YOUR BIG BROTHER IN JAIL, BECAUSE HE'S GOING THERE.

The end.

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