Erik Estrada Throws His 'ChiPs' In For Movie About Atheists Oppressing Sad Christian Schoolchildren


Liebruls, we've lost the love and affection of Erik Estrada, except for the part where we probably didn't really have it in the first place. Yes, Estrada -- he of the pearly whites, the sparse-but-still-manly-you-guys chest hair, and the tall cop motorcycle boots favored by boot fetishists everywhere -- is deploying his thespian talents to star in the latest arglebargle Christian oppression scarefest from the white-hot Liberty Counsel studios, which has already given us necessary cultural touchstones like the upcoming "day of purity," because bitches be sluts, yo.

Now the auteurs at Liberty have turned their lens to the crushing burden that evangelical children face by being forced to attend godless public schools, a crisis of breathlessly epic proportions.



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