Erotic Art Show to Officially, Finally Get DC Laid

Erotic Art Show to Officially, Finally Get DC Laid

MOCA DC, a small nonprofit gallery near the canal in Georgetown, prides itself on showing under-represented artwork. But its Erotica exhibit opening tonight is probably not the kind of material lacking for a market. It kicks off with a live photoshoot of a Playboy model, and marches on bravely from there.

This is the fifth annual erotic art show put on by MOCA DC (Wonkette even crashed one!), and it's safe to say they know what they're doing at this point. In addition to Angelina Leigh, the Playboy representative, there will be a gaggle of local models whose main purpose appears to be riling up the author of the Sexist Blog at the City Paper. At 8PM, there is a live body-painting session (to watch, not join) and the opportunity to get your photo taken with Miss Leigh.

As lovely as all this sounds, it's possible there's a few of you rather skeezed out by the whole thing. Though Wonkette's party crash pictures have disappeared into the Gawker server from whence they came, ArtDC has a review of the 2008 show. You can check there for proof that it's an actual gallery with regular-looking non-panting patrons. And don't forget the free wine bar!

Erotica 2009, Friday, 6PM to 10PM or later, free! [MOCA DC]

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