Err America Overloaded

hot errIf you can get in, Air America is streaming from We're getting a "server overloaded" message. Good sign? Well, a lot of people watched the first Dennis Miller show, too.

What we've heard so far: Franken and Katherine Lanpher* totally cracking each other up. Tough crowd. Also, this joke:

Franken, on America's post-9/11 wave of patriotism: "An old friend of mine even dug out his 'America' T-shirt. . . sure, it took him four hours to white out the 'sucks'. . . "

We laughed until we stopped.

*This said Garofalo until someone who can actually hear more than 30 seconds at time wrote in to correct me. So many mistakes today and I'm not even drunk. . . much. Garofalo's show starts at 8PM. Also, the Portland feed is said to be less crowded.


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