Erupting Boils Of Rage And Pustules Of Righteousness, Coast To Coast

  • Rage is all the rage! Today we are all feeling rage at insurance AIG, which paid $165 million in bonuses to the people who ruined the company (and the world). [AP]
  • But will citizen rage eventually turn on President Obama, who keeps getting caught flat-footed by these duplicitous financial institutions? [Washington Post]
  • New York City is bucking the jobless trend with a lower-than-average unemployment rate. Maybe this is because New York City doesn't depend on a construction industry that erects 4500-square-foot stucco shacks in three weeks for subprime borrowers. [New York Times]
  • Maybe stress gave Don Imus cancer, in his prostate? [ABC News]
  • Avigdor Lieberman has joined Benjamin Netanyahu's governing coalition in Israel. He talks like a hawk but maybe he'll be pragmatic when it comes to the Palestinians, who knows. [Wall Street Journal]
  • You'll never guess who's thriving in the New Depression: bankruptcy software and services companies. [Reuters]

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