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Don't tell me you still haven't read Judge Gregory M. Keyser's order to dismiss Larry Klayman's lawsuit against your Wonkette! It's frozen to the top of the homepage for a reason! (The reason is it's the time of the month to give us money.) (No, really, that was your monthly moneybeg, when we remind you that Wonkette is FULLY funded by its readers, who are YOU, and I think you all thought I was joking?) (I would never joke about give me money.) (I have writers to feed!) (But not the lawyers, they were pro bone.) [Order]

But please let's not make Wonkette a cult. Please. "Mummified remains of spiritual leader 'Mother God' found decorated with Christmas lights." (NBC News)

Elizabeth Warren ally Richard Cordray is the new chief of student loans at the Department of Education. This is great news for a bunch of reasons you can learn at The American Prospect.

The first separated mother to be permitted back into the US to reunite with her children. Be ready for crying. (New Yorker)

Also great news!

Now that's what I call discrimination! Black homeowner takes out family pictures, her home appraisal jumps more than $100k. (

The Consumer Product Safety Commission asked Peloton to recall a treadmill that hurt kids, Peloton told the Consumer Product Safety Commission to fuck off, and now Dems are introducing legislation to give the Consumer Product Safety Commission back the ability to actually mandate consumer product safety. Whoops, Peloton. Whoops. — David Lazarus at the LA Times

QAnon dipshit wanted in two states owes other QAnon dipshit $10k on a diner tab for National Guard members. These people are amazing. — Daily Beast

Of course Humana couldn't just say "you're right, your mom has Alzheimer's and we shouldn't have accepted her business via a telemarketer once you showed us your power of attorney," they had to be fucking dicks about it. (LA Times)

Jared Kushner a disgusting slumlord, or rather, "Kushner Companies Violated Multiple Laws in Massive Tenant Dispute, Judge Rules." — ProPublica

What it takes to get a good Qualified Immunity opinion out of the Fifth Circuit: "A federal court has ruled that officers will not be entitled to qualified immunity and may be sued after they hogtied an unarmed and compliant man and pressed his body into the pavement until he died more than five minutes later." (Reason) And because we should have covered it before, Republican Tim Scott of South Carolina is proposing a major reform to Qualified Immunity. Good for him. (Reason again)

The real origin of the religious Right wasn't abortion: It was segregation. — Politico Mag

OK, reading Liz Cheney's WaPo op-ed, "rule of law, Trump's a fuckdick, blah blah wokeness blah blah blah," and what an ... interesting ad, Google Ad Services!

What will be on fire this summer? All of it, Katie. (AccuWeather)

IG ig's UFOs at DOD. — The Debrief

Or you could read some long fucking thing about it from the New Yorker.

HEY! Saturday is John Lewis Voter Advancement Day Votercade! GET ON IT! (John Lewis Day of Action)

Which of these 16 Caribbean desserts do you choose? I choose Easy Bananas Flambe! (Spruce Eats)

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