'Escapes' is Impossible: Adam Nagourney's DC

36 Hour Party Person. (Photo by Liz Gorman.)

Just because we don't think they've been pointed out yet, we really, really, really have to highlight two selections from Adam Nagourney's now legendary NYT travel section piece on 36 hours in this crazy, out-of-the-way little place he knows called Washington DC.

  • "Ask for a table upstairs, tell the waiter you have a 9:30 to catch and try the vitello tonnato (chilled veal in a tuna sauce) or the linguine with shrimp and cherry tomatoes."(Emphasis ours)

  • "Ask a cabdriver (or, if you have a car, do it yourself) for a nighttime tour of the monuments. (Ditto)

Adam Nagourney is now, officially, our favorite journalist. Seriously, going around DC with him must be a blast. Crazy made-up lingo to waiters, bizarre requests of cab drivers (thanks to the zone system that tour could last forever), pointless tours of Georgetown houses with no intention to buy -- the man's clearly running wild out here.

WONKETTE EXCLUSIVE: A top secret source reveals that Ad Nags (we are not making this up) is "really into emo." Guy listens to Dashboard Confessional non stop. Don't you kind of love him now?

36 Hours: Washington, D.C. [NYT]


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