Establishment Apologist Provides Ocupados With Addresses of *Other* NYC Finance HQs Needing Protests

Establishment Apologist Provides Ocupados With Addresses of *Other* NYC Finance HQs Needing Protests

Somebody writing at the Tina Brown Newsweekdoesn't care for those Occupy Wall Street protesters, not at all. He knows, from his professor job at Yale and writing books about how people should be religious, that there's no evil group of rich kleptocrats running the economy and the government to their advantage. What a wacky idea: "Few of the world’s ills are caused by nasty cabals full of rich people. Conspiracies of the wealthy are fun to imagine—in my novels I invent them often ...." Oh, we get it now, dude is trying to sell his novels. Okay, fine, everybody is trying to sell something, right? We get this. But now to the guy's real point:

The dumb protesters, by locating their successful and media-savvy protest camp at the global icon of the capitalist financial system and home of the nation's iconic stock exchange and many of its biggest financial institutions -- YOU KNOW, WALL STREET, "THE FINANCIAL CAPITAL OF THE WORLD" LIKE THEY SAY ON BLOOMBERG RADIO FIFTY TIMES A DAY -- instead of at some other less well-known isolated addresses of other financial institutions in other parts of Manhattan, well that just proves the protesters didn't "do their homework."

So then the guy gives the addresses of five other financial institutions along with Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal, we guess so rampaging gangs of 99-percenters and Ocupados can take the subway on "day trips" and then pour into the lobbies of these glass towers and use the restrooms for pooping and "sink baths" and generally just enjoy another part of town for a few hours/weeks. This is actually an awesome idea, so thanks to the Daily Newsbeast and revolutionary prankster "Stephen L. Carter" for spreading the word. (We've helpfully linked each address to the Google Map for that location, so you can just use this as an Autumn Guide To Wandering Around Manhattan Fucking Up Other Shit.)

Could they be upset with Credit Suisse? No, because Credit Suisse is at 11 Madison Avenue, north of 24th, and well north of Wall Street. Maybe JPMorgan Chase? Alas, that grandly named firm is at 270 Park Avenue, north of Grand Central Terminal and miles from the demonstration. Citigroup? Nope: it’s at 399 Park Avenue, even farther away from Wall Street than JPMorgan Chase. (And not, please note, in the hideous “sore thumb” building that mars the Manhattan skyline still.)

Ah, well. Perhaps the demonstrators are angry at Goldman Sachs—everybody’s favorite “Wall Street” villain—whose glittering fortress at 200 West Street is a brisk walk from the protest site, and unlikely to have been hampered in any way.Around the corner from Goldman is the world headquarters of Merrill Lynch—but Merrill, which came near collapse in 2008, is nowadays a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of America, and its corporate masters are located in Charlotte, N.C.

Even the eponymous Wall Street Journal, that most reliable defender of free-market capitalism, is no longer located anywhere near the boulevard for which it is named. The Journal’s headquarters at 1211 Avenue of the Americas are far closer to Central Park.

You know what else is at 1211 Avenue of the Americas? Spread the word! [Daily Newsbeast via Wonkette operative "Saint Rond"]

PS -- Isn't Ocupados a great name for the protesters both in New York and nationwide? This is our Love Offering to #OccupyWallStreet tonight. (You can have "99-percenters," too, but Ocupados might be sexier.)


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