Europe Is Full Of Decadent Cowards Unwilling To Die For Afghanistan


  • Too much yakking about whether Sarah Palin is "qualified" or "a dumbass." Let's just trust Rush Limbaugh's expert judgment and move on. [Hot Air]

  • RedState book club! And what are we reading this week? Oh, Jonah Goldberg's Newberry-Awarding winning throw-up? Delectable. [RedState]

  • The #1 reason the European Union blows is not that it's a conglomerate of shameless socialist welfare states. (That's the #2 reason.) No no, far worse is that because of the EU there are no more European wars! Oh, boo! [Matt Yglesias]

  • Sean Hannity discusses the pros and cons of religious conservatives making sex tapes. [AMERICAblog]


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