Evan Bayh Makes Preposterous Comparison

Evan Bayh Makes Preposterous Comparison

Terrible Indiana person Evan Bayh, the very serious Deficit Hawk, is concerned about the Security issues surrounding the big news story of last week, when Tiger Woods used his three-wood to have an affair with Michaele and Tareq Salahi in his SUV in the White House on Thanksgiving. (Ha your editor didn't read any news for a whole week until like an hour ago.) What doesthis have to do with the shoe bomber, Richard Reid?

Bayh, D-Ind., compared the party crashing of Michaele and Tareq Salahi to would-be bomber Richard Reid, whose attempt to blow up an airplane by lighting explosives in his shoes led to travelers having to remove their footwear at security checks in U.S. airports.

"These folks could be like the -- what is the name, Richard Reid, who changed the way everybody travels through the airports because of this one guy. This couple may change the way people go to the White House," said Bayh, who is scheduled to go to the White House on Wednesday.

"I'm kind of wondering what I'm going to be facing to get into the White House this time. It's probably going to be a lot stricter than it has been," he told "Fox News Sunday."

If the White House knows what it's doing, it will not let Evan Bayh into the White House on Wednesday.

Evan Bayh, Party Crashers May Not Be Invited to the White House Again [Indecision Forever]


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