Even More Photos Of Worst Iraq War Protest Ever

Iraq War protester-hippies poured red paint on the sidewalk outside of an Army recruitment office today. When a recruiter -- who, along with his colleagues, was counter-protesting -- noticed the spill, he asked some hippies what impact pouring red paint on the sidewalk has on the war. One hippie responded along the lines of, "It's the blood of foreign countries that you've spilled." The recruiter responded with something about bringing peace to the Middle East. This really happened. They each went their own ways after a minute or so -- the hippie back to his hippie mob which was chanting "fuck the war!"; the recruiter back to his Army friends who were responding with "win the war!" (although it might have been "bring the war!" which is, well, terrible). Between these two groups was a puddle of red paint on the sidewalk, claiming naive pedestrians one-by-one.

Worst protest in the history of protests. Our last pictures are below, so you can see for yourself.

That would be the paint-blood hippie on the left, and the curious Army recruiter on the right. They are arguing about paint on the ground, yes; but really they're arguing about completely separate issues, with themselves.

Various local Fat Cats gaze in confusion, especially the one holding that strange purple pad.

The hippies wave at the construction workers across the street from the Army recruitment office, who seem to like the attention. That one on the middle floor, left, is actually a clown on clown stilts. Does he have any idea where he is?

Ha ha, this was one of the many cars on L Street that got stuck in the "K Street Protest." Professional photographers kept pointing their big lenses through the car's windows to catch the driver's reaction, which was VERY VERY ANGRY. If this driver got through this episode without killing a single dancing polar bear, he deserves a fucking Medal of Freedom.

And here's the famous Rage Against The Machine cover band, uh, testifying against the government! Lest we forget, Rage Against The Machine (the real one) put on a protest concert outside the 2000 Democratic National Convention in L.A. Later that year they broke up, around the same time that George W. Bush was elected president. But Al Gore and George W. Bush are the exact same people with the exact same policies, just like Rage Against The Machine is a good band.

Oh and here's that dumb polar bear and his lovely human-wife. The end.


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