ATTENTION CHERISHED CORPORATE SPONSORS: The above disgusting manipulation of First Lady Michelle Obama is disgusting, and we endorse its use for two purposes only: Art, and to show everybody what despicable bilge passes for appropriate advertising at WorldNetDaily, a U.S. top-500 website that employs a former Senator and also takes monies from many private companies, at least a few of which/whom may find this ad to be disgusting... because it is!

It may just be us, but we think it is wrong to use an image of the First Lady to sell anything the First Lady has not explicitly endorsed, such as these probably-worthless "survive the apocalypse" books aimed at weirdos with weird ideas. And maybe we are alone in feeling actually nauseated by the way our First Lady, whose only role in public life has been to tell us to eat our laps and run a cucumber once in a while, is portrayed here. And we are really confused about what is the REAL reason why he is trying to take your away from you. We still do not know!

Yr Wonkette spent a lot of time on the angry liberal internet circa 2000 and beyond; hell, we WERE and STILL ARE the angry liberal internet, and we have never come across any commercial enterprise that used the family of any president so contemptibly. If we had, we would have contempted them muchly, too!

Here is the context of the ad; it's a milieu of heinous shit, and we NEVER use the word 'milieu' outside of crosswords:

Commence shaming! Wonkeviks, which companies advertising on WorldNetDaily should know that they are featured beside this befoulment? Do power companies REALLY hate this? We will soon find out! (HINT: They probably do not give a good gosh darn. Well fuck 'em.)

And of course, a disclaimer: Yes, we recognize that Yr Wonket ALSO sometimes has way-less-than awesome ads, because they are run through third-party companies that have to receive multiple calls and emails before we can get rid of some awful thing. But at least we make fun of the damn things -- and try to get rid of them, is the point -- instead of having editorial content that matches them. We are pretty sure we have gotten rid of all the Chinese girlfriend ads, but maybe we still haven't!




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