Even the Nazi Pope Has Had Enough of Condi

Recently it was revealed that Condoleezza Rice, GQ's"MOST POWERFUL PERSON IN DC," can't actually get the New York Times to return her phone calls or print her lame op-eds. According to the BBC, they're not the only ones to snub her -- the Pope refused to meet with Condi last month. The Pope! The guy just met with those stupid British parents who killed their little girl at the Tapas bar or whatever, and he won't meet with Condi?

Rice wanted to chat with Pope Ratzi about Iraq, which might be one of the reasons Ratzi didn't particularly care to see her. The Vatican has opposed the war from the start, and back in '03 Condi told the papal envoy to fuck off with his hippie peacenik talk. Also we're not really doing anything for the like two dozen Christians in Iraq:

The Bush administration has told the Vatican that as coalition forces have not succeeded in securing the whole territory of Iraq, they are unable to protect non-Muslims.

If this is what we call "protecting" the Iraqi Muslims, Pope Ratzi ought to be thanking us for ignoring the Christians.

Pope 'Refused Meeting With Rice' [BBC]


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