Even Unemployment Office Staffers Are Now Unemployed

Even Unemployment Office Staffers Are Now Unemployed

Well here is some cheerful news for a Thursday! Everybody and their mom likes to file unemployment claims these days, on account of the no jobs anywhere, but the claims take forever to be processed because everybody at the unemployment office got laid off due to lack of funding.

This just goes to prove that exactly two (2) sectors of our economy still thrive after a year of relentless economic downturn: Netflix and the Super Bowl. These are the last two healthy business enterprises in the entire country. Everything else, including support and services to unemployed people, has been completely wiped out, even though the nation's supply of unemployed gets bigger by the second.

This is horribly ironic and sad, but also WTF, we all pay into unemployment and should get timely access to our munnie$! Maybe Barack Obama will slip another crazy frivolous bit of pork into the stimulus bill about supplying adequate funding to local government offices so that jobless people don't become homeless people while they wait for their checks.

Deluge Is Holding Up Benefits to Unemployed [Washington Post]


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