Every Country Moat Needs A Good Occasional Scrubbing

  • If they cannot torture with impunity, what's the CIA supposed to do for the next four years, sit on their thumb(screw)s? [Washington Post]
  • Vice President Biden's in Serbia today, looking to heal and stuff. [BBC News]
  • Same-store sales at Home Depot fell 10 percent, but the home-improvement retailer did not do quite as horribly as expected in Q1. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Direct democracy, huzzah! California voters put on their green eyeshades today and vote on a series of complicated budget measures that, in a sane state, the legislature would have to approve. [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • Exciting socialist auto industry news: national emissions standards, everyone! And a mileage standard of 35.5 miles per gallon by 2016. A group of auto makers appear to be on board with this government-sponsored plan. [AP]
  • The Speaker of Great Britain's House of Commons will probably resign today because of an expense scandal. One guy expensed the cleaning of his moat, for example, which is apparently unethical. [Telegraph]

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