Everybody Has Cancer: Fred Thompson Edition

At least it's not a dress! - WonketteThe latest sorta-presidential candidate to say the C-Word is famous teevee star Fred Thompson. The scary looking old man says he was diagnosed with lymphoma two years ago. But it's in remission, he doesn't even have any symptoms, and it's "easily treatable with drugs" should it ever return.

His people say this means the Country Bear Jamboree star is very serious about running for president.

And guess what? There have been other presidential candidates, in the past, who had some kind of cancer and that didn't stop them from running. Here is a list:

* John Kerry, prostate cancer.

* Bob Dole, prostate cancer.

* Paul Tsongas, cancer of the bones.

* John McCain, skin cancer.

Do you know what else those candidates had in common? THEY ALL LOST.

Former Sen. Fred Thompson Reveals He Has Cancer [Washington Post]

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