Everybody Hates Donald Trump, Even Stupid White Men


Golly gee, how long has it been since we wrote you a story about Donald Trump breaking his own record for lowest approval rating of all time? A whole week! It was a Gallup poll, and it had Trump at a 36% approval rating, which is less popular than George W. Bush during Hurricane Katrina, and only slightly more popular than anus warts. But Donald Trump has more glass ceilings to break, except for the opposite of that! A new poll from Investor's Business Daily/TIPP shows that Trump is beloved by just 34% of Americans, and his approval rating among WHITE DUDES, you know, the people who ruin everything in American politics, is now under 50%. WHOA, Donald Trump is winning so hard, he must be literally exhausted from all the winning by now!

Let's look at this thing:

Just 34% of the public approve of the job President Trump is doing, as his support among Republicans and independents tumbles, according to the April IBD/TIPP poll. Fifty six percent disapprove of the job he's doing. Approval ratings for a president haven't been this low since President Bush's last months in office.

Dear. God. Have you ever heard of a bigger loser than Donald Trump? Haha, of course you have, and his name is Devin Nunes, but this post isn't about him.

So yeah, like we said, even dumb white dudes hate Trump now, and guess who else? The rurals!

He lost significant support among his strongest backers: white men (which dropped from 58% in March to 49% today), and rural America, which went from 56% to 41% today.

OK, so to recap, in November of 2016, a lady named Hillary Clinton won three million more votes than Donald Trump, but because of our dumb electoral system, Trump was able to pull a Russian squeaker in three Rust Belt states, which gave him the Electoral College. And we were subjected to one million "thinky" pieces about how Hillary ran a bad campaign by failing to be a man, whereas Trump really spoke to these dinguses out in the boonies, by telling them factory jobs that are never fucking coming back were, in fact, coming back. (Hillary's campaign message of "I want to help you get more education so you can have 21st century jobs" fell flat, because she is a lady and also because "emails.")

Oh, and they liked how he was racist.

But NOW, those rurals, many of whom are also racist white men, hate Donald Trump and his stupid orange face. Who is Trump without those people? Just some big nobody who happens to live in the White House for at least a little bit longer, until the full truth of the Russia scandal comes out and he has to resign in disgrace and never show his face in public again.


Of those following the story closely, 50% now say that the outcome of the election was "influenced by Russia." [...]

Trump also gets little support for his contention that President Obama surveilled Trump and his team before the inauguration. Just 38% say it's likely that Obama did that, while 59% say it's not likely.

Fewer than half (44%) believe Obama administration holdovers have been leaking classified information in order to undermine the current administration.

What, you mean the majority of Americans aren't dumb enough to believe everything that explodes out of Donald Trump's Twitter Hole? WHOA IF TRUE!

Well, we guess we'll write about this again when Trump's approval rating goes under 30%, so like next Tuesday or something.

Also it is now YOUR OPEN THREAD.

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