Everybody In Utah Is Gay Now And It Is All Your Fault


Hey Wonkzuelans, you probably know that Obama declared June LGBT Pride month and that now we are allperverted bigots because we love gay sex and hate everyone who does not love gay sex. But what you probably don't know yet is that the gays have already begun wrecking/perverting/bigoting that formerly impenetrable fortress of gay-hating, Utah. Yes, it's true. Over the weekend, the gays stone-cold murdered Utah with their cavalcade of gay.

First, the gays got to the Mormons, oh yes they did:

Some 400 people from the grassroots group Mormons Building Bridges marched under a banner reading “Family Reunion” in the annual parade in Salt Lake City.

Last year, their participation marked the first time such a large group of Mormons had joined the parade.

Mormons Building Bridges organizer Erika Munson told The Salt Lake Tribune that the group and others have helped change public attitudes toward gay people. She notes bishops no longer excommunicate members who come out.

See? Now the Mormons can't even throw out the gays for being gay. What kind of world is this?? Worse still, the gays have gotten to the Utah Boy Scouts:

Boy Scouts and adult volunteers wore their uniforms Sunday as they marched in Utah's gay pride parade — defying a leader of the youth organization who had said they couldn't do so under the organization's guidelines prohibiting advocating political or social positions.

The Utah Pride Festival Parade came a little more than a week after national delegates of the Boy Scouts of America approved allowing gay youth to join, ending controversial membership guidelines that had in recent years dogged one of the nation's most popular organizations for children and teens.

"It just feels like the right thing to do," Kenji Mikesell, an 18-year-old Eagle Scout and high school senior still active with his troop, said before leaving for the parade in Salt Lake City in his uniform.

"It's kind of a way of saying we want you here,” added Mikesell, who marched with Mormons Building Bridges and whose troop is chartered by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “Scouting has been a very positive influence in my life, and I'd like to see more people take advantage of it now that the ban has been lifted.

Mormons and Boy Scouts marching together for the gays, just as Bryan Fischer warned us!   Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria! The world as you know it is over people, because now that Utah is vanquished, nothing else will stand against the Rainbow Tide, which is like the Crimson Tide except way more colorful and way way more gay.




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