Everybody On Earth Hacking the Pentagon For the Hell of It

Following this week's tragic revelation of 800 cyber-attacks on the the Homeland Security department, evil computer monsters have now attacked the Pentagon's computer networks. Some 1,500 PCs at DoD were shut down during the latest "penetration of the system," in the romantic wording of Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

But Gates noted that Pentagon personnel were still able to write torture memos using their Blackberry devices.

DoD spokesman Chito Peppler then explained why it's so difficult to stop the attacks: They are coming from everywhere, all day and night, from that guy laughing in the cubicle next to you to sinister gangs of Russian hackers running denial-of-service attacks between cartons of cigarettes.

"The nature of the threat is large and diverse, and includes recreational hackers, self-styled cyber-vigilantes, various groups with nationalistic or ideological agendas, transnational actors and nation-states," Peppler said.
Pentagon Cyber Attack Forces 1,500 PCs Off Line [Fox News]

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