Everybody Wants Bush and/or Cheney To Resign/Be Impeached

Free 'IMPEACH' tops for everybody! - WonketteAccording to a lot of sincere e-mails and the Daily Kos and Mike Gravel, the following people have officially called for Bush and/or Cheney to Resign and/or be impeached:

* 72% of hippies.

* The "Impeach Bush Cheney" shop at LA's Beverly Center.

* A libertarian magazine with a naked girl on the cover.

* A YouTube video.

* President Dennis Kucinich.

* Keith Ellison (D-Terrorist) and 10 or 14 other congresspeople you probably haven't heard of before.

* Keith Olbermann (D-SPN) and Keith Olbermann.

* Retired three-star Army General and Reagan NSA chief William Odom.


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