Everybody Will Be Fired For Saying Something

I'm going to sing something, something hillbilly, something colored ... - WonketteDo you have opinions that do not properly respect everybody? Well watch out, because liberals are coming for your job!

Having successfully ended the Iraq and Afghanistan and Drug wars, impeached and convicted Bush and Cheney, ended poverty, rebuilt our crumbling cities, educated our children, restored good-paying union jobs to our working class and solved global warming through American technological ingenuity, America's liberals decided the only thing left to do was get a bunch of right-wing entertainers fired for obnoxious statements -- or, "for doing the showbiz job they were hired to do."

Next on the list: radio comic Michael "Savage" Alan Weiner, somebody named Glenn Beck, somebody named Neil Boortz and showbiz libertine Rush Limbaugh.

And after that? The liberals are going after misogynistic & homophobic rappers! Ha ha, just kidding.

'It's not just Imus,' warn talk-radio headhunters [WND]


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