* Saudi Prince Bandar, who gets his kicks by bringing his cousins along to gang-fuck George Bush, apparently accepted a bribe to throw jobs to a British defense contractor. Apparently, they still get upset over this kind of thing in the UK. [Fresh Intelligence]

* Two guys who love starting wars got together to talk about how this newest one got started without either of them having to kill anybody. [The Swamp]

* Bill Richardson just wants peace, man. [Iraq Slogger]

* Anybody but Wolfowitz seems to be the World Bank Board's guiding philosophy. [Passport]

* Now you can join the absolute lamest social networking site ever imagined. [Political Insider]

* Good thing Rudy had nothing to do with that filthy Iraq Study Group or he could never be president. [AmSpec Blog]

* Mike Bloomberg switched from Republican to Independent for no reason, no reason at all. [The Corner]


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