Everyday Heroes Share How They Ruined A Rude Person's Day. Tabs, Thurs., Dec. 24, 2020

Everyday Heroes Share How They Ruined A Rude Person's Day. Tabs, Thurs., Dec. 24, 2020
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Trump pardoned some folks. Knew it was coming, but I'm pretty sure Liz is stroking out anyway. Manafort, Charles Kushner, Roger Stone, it's your time to shine. — PBS or less boringly Daily Beast

Let's all go read this old Guardian review of Chris Christie's book complaining about the (political) hit Jared Kushner took out on him, for prosecuting his father for grossness all those years ago, which somehow makes Charles Kushner's crimes Chris Christie's fault. Fuck all these people, every last one. — Guardian

Wait who is this bint all like "but you understand why he's so understandably angry at the bad man who jailed his father"? "Margaret Claire Hoover is an American conservative political commentator, political strategist, media personality, author, and great-granddaughter of Herbert Hoover, the 31st U.S. President." Jesus Christ, Wikipedia

Washington Post talked to some lawyers about the last wave of pardons, of all the dirty congressmen, and they are piiiiiiissed. (WaPo)

Sigh the Pizzagate Election. Thank you Eric Boehlert at Press Run!

More on the British supercorona and all the fun lockdowns we will have together! — Free post at The Economist


How's your blood pressure? Good. Don't read this infuriating thing, starting with "Trump's threat to veto the stimulus/spending bills aren't entirely Trump's fault, *CONGRESS* and no he does not say Mitch McConnell just CONGRESS sat on this an awfully long time," and moving on to "Trump can pocket veto the spending bill, meaning he just doesn't sign it within 10 days, the legislation dies, and A POCKET VETO CAN'T BE OVERRIDEN," so why is anyone ever vetoing anything the real way, well who the fuck knows, anyway there's more, like five possibilities of how 2020 ends, and I'M MAD NOW. Here, let's read it verbatim:

"Sure, no one expected Trump to do what he did" — proposing bigger stimulus checks for a spending bill that his own administration negotiated, jeopardizing the fate of the package just days before the government runs out of money and expanded unemployment benefits expire — "but Congress sat on this for a very long time," David said. "This is everyone's fault."

Hear that, it's EVERYONE'S FAULT. — Politico

You don't have to read it, but here's a long, atypically boring (and atypically stenographic) interview between Vanity Fair's Gabe Sherman and Bill Clinton's old fixer, Doug Band. I'm sure working with the Clintons sucked in a lot of ways, Bill seems like a lot, and this is super self-serving. (Vanity Fair)

Happy Christmas Mohammad!

Right Wing Watch found you some fucked up presents. — RWW

List of "Wonder Woman" episodes from 1975? Yes that is a tab that I have open.

This is stupid and a lie, it is a stupid lie.

Meanwhile, that's a fine segue to say that I WILL continue to work tirelessly for the American and un-American Wonker ALL DAY TODAY but not tomorrow but then ALL DAY SATURDAY but not Sunday.

So stick around or I will be lonely, everybody else has the day off except Liz, who may or may not tell me to fuck off, I hope not, she has to write about the pardons.

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