Everyone Is Gay

Charlie Crist, whose lead in the Florida gubernatorial race is shrinking a bit, does not have sex with men. That's what he claims to the Broward-Palm Beach New Times. The men who he has sex with, though, get drunk at parties and tell everyone:

He said Wetherington told him and several other people at a party that he had sex with the politician in a hotel room in the Tampa-Sarasota area while he was working on the Harris campaign. He said Wetherington recounted that he spoke with Crist about a campaign matter and "one thing led to another and they had sex."

That's right, it's a Katherine Harris campaign staffer. Her gay valet.

The whole sordid story is here, but the author takes way too many words to describe what is a simple story:

  • People have speculated about Crist's sexuality for many years.

  • After being sorta ok on gay issues, he recently came out in favor of an anti-marriage amendment and a ban on gay adoption.

  • 21-year-old former Harris field director got drunk at at least two parties, claimed to fuck Crist.

  • Said kid added that felon (and former Harris staffer) Bruce Carlton Jordan is Crist's long-term partner.

  • Everyone denies everything.

Crist Denies Trysts [Broward Palm-Beach New Times]


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