Everyone Is So Down On America's Government These Days!


  • Obama's interference in governors' races is upsetting to those who think that Obama's desire to keep Democrats in power is soo partisan. [New York Times]
  • Internet service providers are terribly angry with the FCC, which wants "net neutrality," a concept of unimaginable injustice that would prohibit these Internet service companies from purposely slowing down connections and blocking access to their competitors' content. [WSJ]
  • Fewer troops in Afghanistan will be fighting in deserted actual desert areas and will concern themselves more with defending cities and humans. Except N.B. to the Taliban: this is not because America is weak! [Washington Post]
  • Here are your MacArthur Genius Grant winners!  [Los Angeles Times]
  • Bank of America just cold refuses to tell Congress all about its consensual hook-up with Merrill Lynch. The SEC is THISCLOSE to just subpoenaing the bank, the judicial equivalent of correctly guessing its Gmail password. [Reuters]
  • Nancy Pelosi is going to send a health care bill to the floor by the end of the week. She's like, "Fucking bet me." [The Hill]

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