Everyone Loves Chris Dodd's Replacement Candidate, This 'Blumenthal' Character


The people of Connecticut and America hate Chris Dodd so much, for his twin Scandals of (a) locking into a fixed mortgage rate at .25% lower than the average and (b) taking it upon himself to insert into the stimulus package strict executive compensation rules, which the White House ordered him to dilute for the final bill, which opened the window for the AIG bonus scandal, for which the White House cleverly let Dodd take the entire blame. Poor Chris Dodd. He chose to retire yesterday rather than lose in November, which sucks for Republicans, because now whatever schmuck the Democrats are running up there in Connecticut is out-polling all potential Republican challengers by 30 to 40 percentage points. "Richard Blumenthal," they call him. Supposedly he is the most awesome politician ever and everyone in Connecticut is completely gay for him. Hooray! [Washington Independent]


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