Everyone's Still Doing It With Whores, Apparently

tobias.jpgSo, after we had had signed off on Friday to go talk over the day's events with some vodka, it apparently came to light that Randall L. Tobias' awfully suspicious retirement was awfully suspicious for good reason--he was up to his chin in Central American call-girls, courtesy of the one-day-will-tell-all DC madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey. This should have been apparent--no one just retires by choice. Right now, if you are working for the administration in any capacity it's either because your Regent University degrees make you unemployable in any other field of endeavor or the family you'd otherwise be spending more time with are so nigh on despicable that it makes whoring around while working for an administration whose approval ratings you can count on used birthday candles seem life affirming by comparison.

Anyway, noted: Randall Tobias sort of took his USAID work to some unusual corners of the DC Metropolitan area. All we can say is this Palfrey shit had better deliver. Between Dusty Foggo's neo-Grindhouse soirees at the Watergate and Mark Foley turning the page program into his own private stand-and-model bar, this Dude We've Never Heard Of Paid For It scenario lacks a certain boom-chicka-wah. I mean, let's give Joshua Bolten something to feel all numb inside about, people. At least tell us if Tobias made his ladies wear the Condi mask or the Wolfowitz.


Bush official resigns over escort links [AP]


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