Everything Costs A Billion Dollars

  • "Clean coal" power-plant projects cost a lot of money, so for the time being we're stuck with "dirty coal." [New York Times]
  • Voters are again dithering on whether to trust the Republican candidate who talks tough about the war in Iraq, or the Democratic candidate who makes any sense at all when he talks about the war in Iraq. [Washington Post]
  • Hillary Clinton's most faithful supporters continue to rally for their candidate as she tours Montana and South Dakota. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Democrats pick up the political football known as Iran and run with it. [The Hill]
  • Hot now on the young people's YouTubes: Clips of John McCain contradicting himself and looking like an idiot. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Oh goodness are SPECULATORS at least partially to blame for the cost of oil, which has doubled over the past year? [Los Angeles Times]

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