Everything Is Totally Different Because Now It's 2009!

  • Happy New Year! Everybody's Zunes died. [New York Times]
  • You can still get your Dora the Explorer and your Stephen Colbert on the teevee because the evil corporations Viacom and Time Warner were able to resolve their differences. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts says judges are too poorly paid to bother being judges anymore. [CNN]
  • If you have a job and decent credit -- and those are two big ifs these days -- now is a fantastic time to buy a house, because the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage interest rate is hovering right around 5 percent. Put into historical perspective, that is FUCKING INSANE. [BusinessWeek]
  • The Treasury Department will make its own decisions about how to rescue Detroit automakers, thank you very much. [Washington Post]
  • Congratulations, America! You survived the worst year for the stock market since the Great Depression, and 2009 is sure to be awesome. [Guardian]

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