Trump Bragged To Bob Woodward About Letting Prince Bone Saw Get Away With Murder

He says very strongly he didn't do it, Bob.

Donald Trump is pretty proud of the terrific job he did of protecting Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) from facing any consequences over the 2018 murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and he didn't mind telling Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward all about it. That's the latest Scandal McNugget from Woodward's book Help! There's a Sociopath in the White House and He's Scaring Me! according to Business insider, which got a copy of the book (also known by its real title, Rage). Trump bragged to Woodward that "I saved his ass" during international outrage at the Saudis for assassinating and dismembering Khashoggi at the Saudi embassy in Istanbul. Trump just couldn't stop patting himself on the back about the great job he'd done preserving the US's very lucrative and influential military sales to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which would be nothing without an important friend like Donald Trump.

Why no, the horror of the deliberate murder and dismemberment of a journalist who lived in America didn't seem to occur at all to Trump. People do bad things all the time and there are dictators to impress.

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We Just Put A Human Rights Official On List Of 'Terrorists Not Allowed To Do Business With America'

No, she's not a secret terrorist, unless you define 'terrorist' as 'investigating Americans in Afghanistan.'

Our descent into pathetic, tinpot dictatorship continues apace! Yesterday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the United States government will sanction officials from the International Criminal Court who have the temerity to investigate Americans for torture and human rights abuses in Afghanistan.

Referring to the ICC as "a thoroughly broken and corrupted institution," Pompeo accused the ICC of "illegitimate attempts to subject Americans to its jurisdiction" since the US is not a member of the court. Note that this is not a denial that Americans may have engaged in human rights abuses overseas.

Nevertheless, two officials from the ICC are being added to the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control's Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List — which functions mainly to exclude terrorists, drug traffickers, and human rights abusers from the American financial system.

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2020 Congressional Elections

GOP Fully On Board With Crackpot QAnon-Curious Candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene

Are you really surprised?

Jeb! Bush returned briefly from political exile last week to express his concern that the president of the United States, himself a conspiracy-peddling moron, has publicly embraced conspiracy-peddling morons. He really should've seen this coming.

After last week's press conference when Trump made kissy faces at QAnon, Bush tweeted, "Why in the world would the President not kick Q'anon supporters' butts?" (It's unclear why Bush spelled “QAnon" like it was a Klingon word.) He added that "Nut jobs, rascists, haters have no place in either Party." (He obviously typed this in a hurry.) Democrats don't really have the issue Republicans have with attracting “nut jobs, racsists, and haters," but Republicans think Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are “divisive" because they want to tax rich people. Everyone needs to meet in the middle, I guess.

Nebraska GOP Senator Ben Sasse also cautioned in a statement to NBC News that if Democrats win big in the upcoming election, it'll be because Trump didn't adequately distance himself from people whose Twitter feeds are are just slightly more unhinged than the president's.

"If Democrats take the Senate, blow up the filibuster, and pack the Supreme Court — garbage like this will be a big part of why they won," Sasse said. "Real leaders call conspiracy theories conspiracy theories."

Sounds like Sasse believes in his own conspiracy theories about Democrats, who aren't going to “pack the Supreme Court." They might try confirming a justice or two for a change, but they aren't going to do anything radical. (Unless they do!) Democrats are the political party equivalent to a dentist named Sheldon. America needs more Sheldons right now.

Trump isn't a “real leader," which is why he's going to lose, and Democrats winning elections isn't the worst-case scenario from the rise of QAnon within the GOP. One big problem is that some of these fools might actually win.

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Don’t cry, Tabs are here

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Al Gore drops the hammer down on Donald Trump.

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