Evil Korean Also Democrat, Communist, Terrorist

One great thing about the Internets is that the kind of idiot conversations once limited to the immediate vicinity of old crackpots wearing overalls and sitting outside the gas station (in 1932) are now available for the entire world to read and loathe. Here's something cute from the Rush Limbaugh discussion group:

The Korean Shooter Was A Democrat And A Terrorist

1.Cho said he hated rich Americans. That is typical of class envy and democrats.

2.Cho said he hates American society. Again, that is typical of socialistic, communistic democrats.

3.Cho planned ever detail of his attack.

4.Cho attacked the USA because of his hatred for America.

Though he was a lone actor, Cho was a terrorist because he hated who and what WE are though he was going to one of our finest Universities. Cho was one more terrorst attacking the USA because we are NOT what he wanted us to be, just like muslim extremists who hate us and have killed us for not being like them.

The Korean Shooter Was A Democrat And A Terrorist []

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