Evil Lanny Davis Has Some Dandy New Thing To Make You 'Civil'


We were watching this horrific CNN clip of evil Washington corporate lawyer/lobbyist Lanny Davis and others discussing the recent uptick in American rudeness -- a few black athletes and rappers (and Joe Wilson!) have been very rude recently, according to the new fake national trend -- and as Lanny was whining about Jimmy Carter's "virulent anti-Israel attitude," we noticed that he was associated with something called "The Civility Project" for this particular television vomit-bath. Yes, that's right, the known poopfuck Lanny Davis has some new organization where he moans about civility! HE... HE WANTS US TO TAKE A PLEDGE.

It's nice that between his stints lobbying for the new illegal Honduran government (a.k.a. American retail interests) and the health insurance industry (for some reason, he doesn't want a public option at all!), Lanny Davis still finds time to promote a whiny, condescending new website about how we should all stop being MEAN.

"Take the pledge," we are instructed. But who will bear witness?? A-ha, Lanny Davis is so civil that he is putting us on the Honor Code! (BUT IF YOU CATCH ANYONE BREAKING THE HONOR CODE THEN TELL LANNY.)

Everyone write terrible things about Lanny Davis now, in the comments!

Lanny Davis: Jimmy Carter Really Shamefully Contributed to What We Would Call In-Civil Dialogue Here [Crooks and Liars]

[The Civility Project]


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