Evil NYT Police State 'Censoring' Paul Krugman

New York Times' health care columnist Paul Krugman wrote a column today, it being a Friday and such, and it's about our flourishing economy. But the real Paul Krugman, the whiny ex-Nobel contender we've enjoyed so thoroughly this Democratic primary season, offered his juiciest insight in a brief blog post this morning: one time the Times edited him! Since when does the Times edit Krugman (or anyone else)?

Oh, we're sorry, he wasn't edited. When they change bearded warrior Paul Krugman's words, it's called "censorship":

I'm almost never censored at the Times. However, I was told that I couldn't use the lede I originally wrote for my column following the 2007 State of the Union address, in which Bush made ethanol the centerpiece of his energy strategy: "Before the State of the Union address, there had been hints and hopes that President Bush would offer a serious plan to reduce our dependence on imported oil. Instead, however, he took refuge in alcohol."

How dare they "censor" that very misleading and flat lede to his column! FREE PAUL KRUGMAN.

Demon ethanol [Conscience of a Liberal (that's the name of his silly blog haha! - Ed.)]


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