Evil White House Plot Will Get All Hill Staffers Fired

Suuuurrrre. - WonketteA fiendish technological plot to get all Hill staffers fired was launched this week, and experts say the innocent youngsters will likely walk right into the honeypot.

The face of the conspiracy is a strange new "web site" called The Capitolist -- a stark, grayscale message board consisting of nothing more than a simple yet arcane masthead and a centered column of plain-text messages. There are no headlines, user names, timestamps ... nothing, in fact, to prove this website is even from our own era.

The deviously designed system only allows people to post comments from official congressional IP addresses on the Hill. If you are uncomfortable posting intimate and terrible thoughts through an easily traceable .gov computer, just use that computer to request a "temporary access ticket" for your home computer or laptop or Blackberry. There's certainly no way The Capitolist could track your initial request for a "temporary access ticket" to your personal account!

Speak Freely. Stay Anonymous [The Capitolist]


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