Ex-Child Janitor Trashes Newt Gingrich's Revolutionary Economic Plan (VIDEO)


At a Newt Gingrich event on Wednesday (THESE CONTINUE TO EXIST, though what is meant by "event" may only amount to a release of gas), a man who spent part of his high school years working as a janitor explained to Gingrich that, you know, if he has to be honest, better economic ideas have been proposed than having children clean up each other's doo-doo and wee-wee in between classes. Hector Cendejas took time out of his life to go meet this human set of deflated bagpipes and tell him that he was "offended" by this great man's revolutionary brainwave.

At the event, held at Georgetown University, Cendejas, a 2010 Georgetown graduate, had this to say:

Back in high school, I was a janitor in my own high school, which was a private school. For me, it was embarrassing to be a janitor at my own high school because I was with the rich kids. I was poor. My mom was working super hard. I did not feel empowered by serving my classmates. Why not invest on these kids to work for law firms, hospitals and get paid to develop better skills?

Gingrich's response! It is a sight to see:

Did you find it useful financially to earn the money?

Cendejas (who also explained that his parents were undocumented immigrants):

I mean, I need to help my mom...Thank God I had Georgetown to save my butt, you know? … All my friends, they’re pregnant, they’re in gangs, in jail, and we did the same job, working as janitors. So for me, your remark was a little offensive towards me.

If you're thinking that Gingrich's response was, "Well maybe you should be grateful for that job, because maybe you were the best janitor of them all, and your dedication to getting the crap and the mold from the very top of the inside of the toilet bowl, where most people never look, really showed Georgetown that you could handle the kind of rigorous course load that this prestigious university requires of its students," you would surprisingly be wrong. Instead the whoopie cushion replied:

I’m sorry if you were offended. Both of my daughters worked as janitors at the local Baptist Church and they earned the money and they didn’t think it was demeaning, and they actually liked the idea that they earned their own money as kids, and they kept their own money because they thought work had inherent dignity.

Cendejas was determined to let this Great American Debater get his money's worth, so he retorted:

But they come from a wealthy family.

And so their janitorial duties were just quaint and faux-humble, and anyway, the ghost of Jesus would probably come into the bathroom stalls and pre-clean everything for the Gingrich gals.

G.A.D. couldn't let the ex-janitor have the point, of course, so:

That’s not the point. You and I just disagree.

Oh, farts, that's the end of that. Anyway, here's the video:

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