Some sad news from the organizers of thebig "Ex-Gay Pride" event that had been scheduled for July 31st: The organizer announced Friday that a dinner and reception at the Family Research Council has been cancelled due to unspecified "anti-ex-gay extremism." Voice of the Voiceless, the "ex-gay" group behind the nonevent, will instead hold the dinner at "an undisclosed location" sometime in September, and will also "declare September as the First Annual Ex-Gay Awareness Month." (July remains "Ex-Gay Pride Month," we guess.) We completely believe Voice of the Voiceless co-chair Christopher Doyle when he claims that the event was cancelled due to "security threats" and not due to something more mundane, like no one buying tickets. And surely they wouldn't cancel merely because they couldn't actually deliver the big-name gay-haters they'd invited, like Michele Bachmann and Jim DeMint. Nahh, had to be the big mean gays and their big mean terrorisms!

In a press release, Doyle claimed that a campaign of "harassment and anti-ex-gay extremism" had forced the group to cancel both its dinner/reception on July 31, but also the same day's plans for a "Lobbying Day on Capitol Hill." That must have been some threat, to actually cancel whatever lobbying effort Doyle was planning. We hear the Capitol has some pretty good security, too. Who knows, maybe Doyle has a fatal glitter allergy? Or he heard that someone might bring tampons?

Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out, a group that opposes the "ex gay" crowd, challenged Doyle to "come forward and release the names of LGBT activists and organizations that have allegedly jeopardized his organization’s security." Otherwise, it's probably safe to assume that the event is being downsized due to any number of possible organizational problems, not threats from the Big Bad Gays.

As we noted when we first covered the ex-gay pride event, Voice of the Voiceless had announced that it had "scheduled" several national figures including Bachmann, Demint, and Rep. Tim Huelskamp, but the only speakers listed as "confirmed" on its own invitation were marginal figures like Doyle himself and a couple of other minor "ex-gay" activists. We're guessing that the "ex-gay movement's" biggest problem lies not with invisible gay ninjas, but rather that most of that "movement" is toward the exits.

[Voice of the Voiceless / Truth Wins Out]

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