Ex-Marine Gourmet Grocer Exec Seeks Flag-Hating Bandit

Let no-one say Dean & DeLuca is run by a bunch of communist America haters. Wonkette operative "Alex" wrote to corporate to complain about the bizarre upside-down half-mast U.S. flag the Georgetown market was sporting on the Day After Veterans Day.

VP Bill Lettier responded this afternoon:

Thank you for bringing the flag to my attention. I am an honorably discharged Marine and find it extremely upsetting to think that one of our employees had intentionally defaced the American flag.

I have spoken with the General Manger and he has removed the flag from the pole. The General Manger has questioned the employees. At the present time we cannot find anyone responsible. I will however personally follow up with this matter.

So, either an anti-American employee is Not Telling the Truth or (most likely) there's a bandit flag abuser running loose in D.C.

It's tough to get at the Capitol and White House flags, which explains why the Bandit Flag Abuser is preying on innocent gourmet grocers. Keep Alert, Washington! This scoundrel must be apprehended, tarred, feathered and raped to death by an angry mob.

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