Ex-SNL Comedian To Blaze Trail For Future Congressman Joe Piscopo

Al Franken announced his candidacy for Senate today in quite sincere Web video that mostly focused the ways government aid had helped his in-laws. We would have preferred that he did the entire speech in his comical Borscht Belt imitation of his father's accent, but we're shallow like that.

The most important thing about this candidacy announcement is that it's like 22 months in advance of the actual election. Jesus, it's bad enough with all the Presidential candidates, and that's for an office that actually means something. Now everyone is running for everything all the time, most of them former teevee stars and such. This is good for Wonkette, of course, but we would be professionally remiss if we didn't note that it's going eat out all of our souls from the inside.

Watch It Now: Al Franken Announces Minn. Senate Run [MyFox Twin Cities]


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