Exciting Rural New York Special Election To Decide Nation's Fate


Fuckin' up.Miss the excitement of 2008? Well, it is not coming back. Instead, tomorrow, there will be a Special Election in some obscure upstate New York congressional district, between people named "Republican Jim Tedisco" and "Democrat Scott Murphy." Are you feeling some HOPE twitch in your pants? Yes you can! Who will win?!

Have we written about this already? Let's search, uh, our own website. Oh, well look at that. Yes, we've written about it three (3) times, including two posts by your editor, who has no memory of writing these things. (Ha, this one is pretty long!)

Anyway, baseball-statistics blogger Nate Silver has something about the Democrat maybe being ahead, which would be important (?) to the Democrats, to keep this district, because why not, but also devastating to the Republicans, if they can't take this seat which was held by a popular Democratic congresslady until David Paterson plucked her from obscurity to be the new Senator Hillary Clinton.

We will perhaps pay attention to this, tomorrow, with Special Election Coverage! Michael Steele will lose his RNC chiefdom whether or not the Republican guy loses this 20th congressional district seat from New York. Exciting!


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