Exclusive Blog Slumber Party Pictures: White Dudes With Laptops

IMG_2948.jpgRedState calls it for the terrorists.

From Liz Gorman, Intrepid Girl Reporter, here are the exciting bloggers who blog about things you read about in the news every day!

They're after the jump.

IMG_2945.jpg"Holy shit, is that Mary Katherine Ham?!?"

The party continues to be a total thrill.

The Republican table closest to us is keeping a stiff upper lip, but we'll make sure to warn you when they switch to hard liquor. Our advice: stay away from roads between Adams Morgan and Northern Virginia tonight.


We're not actually reading the blogs of anyone else here. Are they talking about us?


IMG_2963.jpgBasically, the caption to each one of these pictures could be "Neeeeerrrrds!"

As we continue to hide at the bar itself and not mingle (because, you know, we're trying to blog at the blog party), we haven't witnessed any embarassing drunken blogger incidents yet. But the night is oh so young.


There will be many more photos later.


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