EXCLUSIVE: First Peek at Matt Cooper's PlameGate Masterpiece!

Eh Not So Much AlikeFrom high above the Southern Hemisphere, an operative on Air Force One espied the Time scribe's fledgling literary effort:

Time's Matt Cooper is working on a book proposal. In a race with the New York Times' Judith Miller, the White House press corps' version of William Conrad (only slightly less sweaty) knows that the market just won't bear two self-righteous reporters sniveling about their woes (and Miller's got 85 days in the clink to pad out her book).

On the flight to Argentina aboard Air Force One, a glimpse from behind Coop's front-row seat revealed that the portly pepperpot was working on a book proposal. No word on who he's pitching to, or even whether he already has a contract and is just fleshing out a treatment.

We hear that Cooper competition with Miller is not as direct as all that. Rather, he's said that he's interested in writing a comic novel about the affair; you know, White House uses reporters to spread false intelligence justifying a war, lies about it, wracks up 2000 casualties, hilarity ensues.

Shit. Gonna have repair that glass wall again.

Take My Book Proposal, Please! [NYM]


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