EXCLUSIVE PICTURE: First Godless, Then Faceless, Now Nameless And Dateless

Seriously, what the hell

Jesus Christ, it's no wonder that the dollar has fallen so low against the euro and the yen and the yuan and the Canadian dollar and probably the Angolan kwanza too: we can't even get them out of mint without screwing them up somehow. Above on the left is the latest nightmarish, half-formed parody of the new dollar coin to see the light of day. The picture was sent to us by Wonkette operatives Carla and Yoni Cosby; they bought it at a bank in Clinton, Maryland, which had no shame about dispensing the funny money to unsuspecting Americans like the Cosbys.

To the right, you can see what one of these new shiny shiny collectors items is supposed to look like. The deformed coin lacks the crucial inscription telling the bearer who the bewigged fellow on the front is and when he was president; because America's education system is as poor as the Mint's quality control, most people need the text to remind them.

Money-watchers believe the worst is yet to come. Be on the look out for quarters sporting the face Freddie "Boom Boom" Washington, or $20 bills depicting Billy Dee Williams Carl Weathers as "Action" Jackson.


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