EXCLUSIVE Video Tour of Bristol Palin's Foreclosed Stucco Dump

EXCLUSIVE Video Tour of Bristol Palin's Foreclosed Stucco Dump

Oh good gravy, one of those celebrity teevee shows has an EXCLUSIVE video of somebody walking around while Bristol 'n Tripp show off the empty foreclosed Arizona exurban cotton-field end-of-the-highway stucco box that shebought with CA$H because people have given her hundreds of thousands of dollars for managing to get pregnant as a teenager while being Sarah Palin's daughter. YOU JUST TRY that, and then let's see who laughs. It takes talent to be born into that snowbilly grifter family!

We are posting this because it will get 5,000 page views and we will earn about seven dollars, maybe, because AOL has yet to visit with its checkbook, yet, so we must still post enough vile political-celebrity-nobody things about the Palins to keep up with the Pulitzer of the Internet, the Huffington Post/America Online. Here, watch this and then try to tell yourself you feel like you used that time well:

God. So tired of this. [E!/Politico via the abusive Juli Weiner]


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