Exit Polls? What Are These Exit Polls You Speak of?

The NY Sun is taking bloggers to task for posting early exit returns and internal polling. (Mmmm. . . internal polling. . . ) Specifically, it seems that some of these newfangled website dealies posted these numbers, even though "the attribution was generally absent, as was any indication of the purported methodology." Oops! You'd think for all the times I took it, fourth grade math class would have taught me to show my work!

The Wonkette methodology is called "weighted cutting and pasting." Very obscure method. I'd run through the voter screen but it would take up too much time and it involves a Bayesian inference, which is controversial, to say the least. The Sun also claims that I called the race for Kerry, which just isn't true: My mom called Ohio for Kerry, which, granted, should have told me something was up because her methodology is fucked up and her sampling frame is for shit.

Bloggers Botch Election Call: Networks Cautious, Steady [NY Sun]

Mom Wonkette Sends In Some Exits [Wonkette]


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