Exits: What the Fuck?

Faceless sources send us these Wisconsin numbers:

Kerry 38

Edwards 33

Dean 17

Guess "thinking positive" works. But exit polls have been really unreliable this year. This report does not exactly instill confidence (as it seems to fly in the face of yesterday's numbers: Zogby had Kerry 47, Dean 23, Edwards 20). But, as they say, important if true.

UPDATE: We love it when TV talking heads pretend they haven't seen exit polls. Chris Matthews and company keep referring to what might happen after Wisconsin ends up a "close two-man race," and then backpedaling, "I mean, if that's what happens." The exit polls they can talk about are revealing, though, and appear to back up the remarkable results above: Unlike almost every other state, "electability" is not the number one factor for most Wisconsin voters, rather, someone who "stands up" for their beliefs is, by 27 to 21 percent. Quick, for-what-it's-worth analysis: At the last minute, Dean supporters find themselves unable to actually vote for the guy (a question less of "electability" than "not crazy as a fucking loon"); but can't bring themselves to vote for Frankencandidate. Result: Edwards locks up the ABK vote.


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